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El Gouna Climate

El Gouna Climate
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The climate in El Gouna can be summed up in just two words, hot and dry. Lying on the eastern coast of Egypt and alongside the Red Sea, EL Gouna is known for its pleasant weather all year-long.

The summer temperature may be high, around 35C from June to August, and it might reach a temperature of more than 40C, in other more inland areas. The temperatures only drop slightly in September to around 29C, this weather is really bearable.

The summer weather and climate in El Gouna during the daytime can be fairly hot and temperatures drop slightly at night, while balmy evenings can be expected. The air-conditioning in room is essential for a good sleep. However, the difference between day and night temperatures is more remarked in the winter especially in the months of January and February, the daytime highs is 22C that may drop to 10C or less, if you started feeling chilly, a jumper and jacket shall become necessary.

Water and air temperatures

Air temperature
Sea temperature
January 21-22 20-22
February 21-22 20-22
March 21-24 21-23
April 25-27 23-24
May 27-31 25
June 32-36 25
July 36-38 25-27
August 38-40 26-27
September 29-33 27
October 29-30 24-26
November 25 23-25
December 22 21-23