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SCUBA diving is for everybody and that is why the Cinderella Diving College team offers the PADI Bubblemaker course for children, so all of the family can enjoy the fun of diving in the Red Sea. The course is specially designed for children from the age of eight. It encourages your child’s natural curiosity for learning in a fun and safe way.  With the PADI Bubblemaker course and our experienced Cinderella team your little ones will be swimming like fish and blowing bubbles in no time at all. The instructor will introduce the underwater world to your child in an easy interactive way; after a quick chat about being underwater and what fish can be seen, they will then go and dive at a maximum depth of 2m. The Cinderella diving center has special equipment for children so that they get the best experience diving in the Red Sea.  The PADI bubblemaker will give your kids the confidence they need to become fully fledged divers when they become older.

Want to book your BUBBLE-MAKER now, this is the right time and place to do!