The Scorpion Fishes are a family of mostly marine fish that includes many of the worlds most venomous species. As their name suggests, scorpoin fish have a type of sting in the form of sharp spines coated with venomous mucus. The family is a large one, with hundreds of member.

 Let’s have a closer look to a few of them we often encounter in the Red Sea. Surely some of the most beautiful, but also dangerous creatures!

In simply terms, general characteristics of family member include a compressed body, ridges and spines on the head, back and fins. If the venomous mucus reaches the attackers bloodstream from their depots, which are next to or around the spines, for example by stepping on them unintentionally causes not only pain but also fatal poisoning.

Nevertheless we should keep an eye on our buoyancy at this point, as these beautiful but dangerous fishes are pretty good in camouflage. Anyway… don’t touch anything!


HERE A FEW FAMILY MEMBERS: …and one special one! 😉


The Lionfish

The Lionfish is probably one of the most well known members of the scorpion fish family. Also it is one actively hunting predators. So we actually know that, they belong to our unregistered participants in the night dives.

Or have you never had a night dive in which the fish followed you in the light of your torch and were out hunting for smaller fish?


The Stonefish

The master of camouflage!!! Usually recognized as a coral or stone …with fins!

The Stonefish wait in dusguise for prey to pass them by before attacking almost invisible in milliseconds. Incredibly, they patiently stay motionless in the same place for even weeks and then at some point let the preys swimming past disappear without a trace. If it comes to the event they have to flee, it might be unbelievable how fast they can become.


Leaf Scorpion Fish

…and here we have a challenge for you!!!

Do you know or have you seen this family member?…some of you might have! It is a really rare and quickly moving family member: the Leaf Scorpion Fish! If you have been lucky enough to have found him once, you might face the next challenge to take a proper picture of this guy! …don’t blink, he might be gone! LOL

But there we can give you a better chance to reach your goal, there is a dive site in Hurghada where we can find dozens of them. So one of hundred pictures taken is then really showing a real Leaf Scorpion Fish!


YOU KNOW WHICH DIVE SITE IT IS? 😉 …we give you a hint: it’s a dive site which is shallow, between Hurghada & El Gouna and attracts divers because of a different and bigger subject than the Leaf Scorpion Fish. 



Join us to the Leaf Scorpion Fish


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