UPCOMING DIVING & WATERSPORT SEASON 2021 …let’s get it started!!!

WELCOME to the NEW SEASON 2021!!!


We have already started it actually, but it seems like there are coming up some NEWS!!!

  • We actually think that for a new season, we should also start up with a new style and fresh design for our diving center in THREE CORNERS Sunny Beach Resort!
  • Also we think that a new style and new features, should get new offers also! Do we speak about Tour offers? -Yes, sure also! …but the big surprise gonna be, if its actually about a reception and a brand new shop!!!
  • and further we think, that new offers deserve attention!

So… there we go!!!

We will keep you up to date with all NEWS, changes and its progress…


For reservations and bookings, or simply just questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will respond to you immediately!

…or also:

We are open and regularly working every day from 8:00-5:00pm and our Team is looking forward to WELCOME YOU on spot in THREE DIVERS CORNER SUNNY BEACH RESORT, directly on the beach in the diving center!


During the next days, weeks, months we will inform you about all and everything new and old for 2021!!!

Feel free to tell us your opinion! Comment, Like & share when ever you want, we love to keep in touch with you and we are very happy to WELCOME YOU ALL BACK TO HURGHADA with the DIVE MORE Family in the upcoming season 2021!!!


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